Monday, July 15, 2013

bRoKen ArM!

Poor Eth bugs broke his arm, well fractured his elbow! He was playing in the play land at Carls Jr and fell on it, after about 20-30 mins of crying and saying it hurt I figured we might as well get it checked out at first the doc didn't see a break, but when they sent the scans to the radiologist he confirmed it was fractured, he was splinted for 2 weeks and now he finally is in a hard cast that he will be in for 4 weeks. So just long enough to ruin the summer :( no more swimming or seven peaks for us! Good thing baseball season is over and it will be off before school and soccer season starts! He sure is being a trooper though and I'm so proud of him to adapting and not complaining that he is missing out on so much! 

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